• Journal XIV

    Nadine Faraj : Pink Moon People
    Journal XIV

    Following her exhibition Pink Moon People, presented at McBride Contemporary in the winter of 2021-22, Nadine Faraj talks about her watercolour technique and her various influences. Listen to Nadine Faraj discuss her work in the gallery space, combined with exclusive studio shots.

  • Journal XIII

    Drawings of Shambling Mound
    Journal XIII
  • Journal XII

    Lorraine Simms: Shadowland Drawings
    In this video, artist Lorraine Simms talks about her drawing process and her research at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Featured are a number of her original drawings and a look into the museum collections. (English)
    To watch the video, please click here.
    The artist wishes to thank:
    Researchers at the AMNH: Ross MacPhee, Eleanor Hoeger, Sara Ketelsen, Marisa Surovy 
    Design and technical assistance: Sara Morley (Postimage) 
    Still photography: Paul Litherland, Michael Smith
  • Exhibition tour with artist Rebecca Munce