Szilasi & Szilasi

17 October - 23 November 2019

Galerie Deux Poissons is honoured to present SZILASI & SZILASI, the first ever duo exhibition featuring the work of Gabor Szilasi and Andrea Szilasi. The exhibition draws out mutual ideas, inferences and influences between both artists’ productions, highlighting similar areas of concern and differences of approach between them. Because one of them is a parent to the other, inevitably the subject of direct personal influence is involved. Andrea Szilasi, a well-known mid-career artist, has been looking at her father Gabor’s work all her life. Gabor Szilasi is one of Canada’s most respected and influential photographers, whose immense body of work has resonated for many years as a unique record and examination of people and places in Canada and in Europe. In her work, Andrea Szilasi shows signs of profound learning from her father’s practice, while also having laboured intensively to create a personal avenue of artistic research. Andrea’s work involves photography, collage and more recently, digital technology, while the majority of Gabor’s production is in classic analog, and is rooted in the documentary tradition.


The exhibition is divided into two parts, each presented on one of the two main gallery walls. One wall shows a selection of previously unexhibited works of Gabor’s, juxtaposed with recent works by Andrea, installed so as to create a dialogue between the two. The opposing wall, installed salon style, presents an eclectic mix of both artists, each of whose work has been selected by the other. The exhibition is a collaborative effort by father and daughter, a genuine meeting of minds, which have for so many years had such a definitive impact on the other. SZILASI & SZILASI is a one-time event, and a moving visual document of the power of a family in art and of art within a family.

Installation Views