Pink Moon People

18 November 2021 - 15 January 2022

McBride Contemporain is delighted to announce Pink Moon People, the first solo show at the gallery by Nadine Faraj. The artist employs watercolour on paper to devastating visual effect, displaying virtuosic technique and mature expressive control within this notoriously difficult to master medium. She marshals a space that is both atmospheric and expansive, intimate and refined, in order to depict a cast of characters that embody our human qualities of the sexual and the loving, the ambiguous and the arresting - above all perhaps, the fabulous. The figures in Faraj’s compositions comprise a very wide range of identities, as a matter of the artist’s direct intention - she celebrates and elevates human difference and wishes to assert and to centre those who have at times been forced to the margins of society. And these figures are certainly powerfully present in asserting their identities. But Faraj’s real point is one of inclusiveness towards us all - her notion of Pink Moon People is that, really, we are all Pink Moon People the moment we say we are, realize we are, apprehend that we are. Our basic human nature, across every spectrum, is sublime. That is Faraj’s deeper and larger meaning, and in this exhibition she marshals a unique body of work that wonderfully points towards that beautiful horizon of meaning.

Œuvres sélectionnées
Installation Views