Pictura 2023: Sylvie Bouchard & Susan G. Scott

Pictura 2023 - Sylvie Bouchard & Susan G. Scott

La Vitrine: Atelier Daigneault - Schofield


Circularités, Premier volet : Susan G.Scott
17 novembre au 15 décembre 2023

Circularités, Second volet : Sylvie Bouchard
18 décembre 2023 au 14 janvier 2024


McBride Contemporain is happy to promote Circularités, a two-part presentation by artists Sylvie Bouchard and Susan G. Scott. These exhibitions will take place at La Vitrine as a part of the 2023 edition of Pictura.

The title Circularités evokes two different approaches to painting, which, through a variety of critical lenses, seek to create new perspectives on the theme of landscape and the way that a painting itself is staged. Their two practices reflect a desire to observe and reexamine the status of the image, as well as to explore the landscape as a place where new traces are imbued.

For more information about the exhibitions, please consult the Pictura 2023 website.

November 22, 2023
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