Stephen Schofield presents a special projet at Plural Contemporary Art Fair 2024

As part of Plural Contemporary Art Fair 2024, McBride Contemporain is proud to showcase a special project from Stephen Schofield, an established and influential artist of the Canadian art scene.

On this occasion, the artist will present a historical installation entitled You Say Sweeter, I say Sweater, originally created in 1992 as part of a solo exhibition at the Aquarium, the gallery of the Valenciennes School of Fine Arts in France, and never before exhibited in Montreal. This ensemble is representative of a series of textile works produced by the artist throughout his career, showcasing his exploration of membrane, envelope, and air devices, as well as the interplay of dichotomies such as inside and outside, empty and full.

This will be paired with a new sculpture, La Lettre, which is formed by thirty-two interlocking molds. The utilization of forced air is integral to the creation of this piece, shaping bicycle inner tubes to imbue the sculpture with a dynamic quality reminiscent of breathing and growth. The bold and contrasting colors of red and black further enhance its visual impact, adding a graphic dimension that animates the entire surface.
April 8, 2024
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