In her multidisciplinary practice, Rebecca Munce explores the intersection of fantasy and the everyday psyche. The artist brings together the hyperbole of mythological form with allegorical experiences by borrowing symbols from iconography. Her drawings and sculptures are inspired by medieval mnemonic imagery, video and board games and her creative writing practice.


Creating solid colour blocks with oil sticks, Munce reveals fantastical characters through the medium, both supernatural and human, frozen in an intriguing atmosphere. Narrative is very important in her practice as it serves as a key to reading. She revisits the stories in her body of work repeatedly until the singular meaning of the representation is almost lost. Through this approach, Rebecca Munce explores what it means to construct and share an inner world using archetypes, patterns, repetitive figuration and symbology as her tools towards its evolving construction. In addition, bright colours and patterns are used to structure the space and composition of her drawings.


Rebecca Munce lives and works in Montreal. She holds a BFA from York University and an MFA from Concordia University. Munce has participated in numerous exhibitions in Canada, the United States, Italy and Japan. More recently, the artist's works have been exhibited in a solo exhibition at DRAC art center in Drummondville (2022), Spring/Break (New York, 2021), Center Clark (Montreal, 2021), McBride Contemporain (Montreal, 2020), Stewart Hall Gallery (Montreal, 2019), FOFA Gallery (Montreal, 2018) and Momozono Gallery (Tokyo, 2018).